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Ben Lowe

I'm excited to get this new book, LIVE JUST.LY,  in from the good folks at Micah Challenge ( LIVE JUST.LY is more than a book to read through. It's a very thoughtfully assembled "scriptural and practical study to help people live justly in 6 key areas of life: advocacy, prayer, consumption, generosity, creation care, and relationships." Having seen this project spreading around social media for a couple weeks, I was eagerly anticipating my copy in the mail.

                 LIVE JUST.LY: Edited by Jason Fileta and published by Micah Challenge USA

                 LIVE JUST.LY: Edited by Jason Fileta and published by Micah Challenge USA

Their director, Jason Fileta, spearheaded putting this rich resource together with contributions from Eugene Cho, Shayne Moore, René Padilla, Ron Sider, Kimberly McOwen Yim, and others. Lisa Graham McMinn--who was a professor at Wheaton College while I was a student there--and I got to be featured in "Session 9: Justice and Creation Care", which Jason beautifully wove together from various pieces each of us had written. Each session also includes video resources available for free online.

The project website is the title itself and contains lots of additional information and resources:

Micah Challenge is "a movement of Christians from across the nation, who are inspired by Scripture to undertake effective advocacy, passionate prayer, and lifestyles of justice to see an end of extreme poverty." They're part of the global micah movement which includes churches, campuses, organizations, and others from over 50 countries.

A valuable resource put together by a great ministry! Thanks Jason and friends!